What are the benefits of using a local supplier/retailer?

As a local retailer we use other local businesses so the flow of funding stays in the local economy, helping to build a sustainable local economy for the future. It is also better for the environment, reducing transport and pollution and keeping costs down. Using local businesses also enhances stability of price and supply. As a local business we are better tuned into local needs and opinions. We actively promote The Preston Model of local economic development. https://cles.org.uk/the-preston-model/

Why can I buy the same School Wear cheaper at other places like supermarkets ?

The simple answer is that you cannot. As with any product you can buy variants that have been produced to a lower standard, with lesser materials, in substandard conditions and transported from sweatshops around the world, in which the staff are exploited. However at Favourites we will not sell garments that are produced in that way. We focus on ethically sourced products of the highest quality. Not only will they be more comfortable and durable but the people that produced them were treated fairly and their production was kind to the environment.

In addition we focus our investment on the Lancashire supply chain. As a family run small local business, we endeavour to buy producers from the Lancashire supply chain and employ our teams from the local community. We are proud to be a family run Lancashire business supporting other family run regional businesses like the eco supplier David Luke.


At favourites we approach our day to day business with a transparent and kind approach to both our staff and customers.

Our core values are trust, transparency and a firm commitment to deliver the best value and service to our customers. Whilst also continually improving and assessing our services to help our customer’s needs.

All of our uniform is ethically sourced. This means that no child labour is used, working conditions are safe and hygienic, working hours are not excessive and regular breaks are implemented, wages are of the industry or country norm, employment is freely chosen, NO person will be taken against their will or forced to work and factories undergo rigorous checks and audits to make sure they are a safe and secure structure.


We have adopted a continuous level of trust and care with our customers needs at heart.

For example we regularly communicate with both schools and parents to help better understand and deliver varied opening times. We offer out of hours, free delivery to school and appointments during term time. We have made appointments to come out to parents who find it hard to attend the shop.


We are registered members of the schoolwear association, who stand for best practice for retailers. This ensures we always have the customers interests at the forefront of everything we do. This also means that our products are ethically sourced, caring for the factory workers who produce the garments.


We have employed local students from Bishop Rawstorne over the last 10 years, providing them with a chance to get a foot on the work ladder. We donate uniform to schools whenever possible and charities such as the homeless. We use local suppliers and business services such as HANDPRINTS, HTC embroidery and Village computer services.